Using the API

Efesto has a uniform CRUD API. By default only /users, /types and /fields are available.

You can create more endpoints with a blueprint.


In order to authenticate, you need to send a JWT bearer token in the authorization header corresponding to the user. See configuration for how to generate the token.


Efesto implements UNIX-style permissions. Every item has an owner and a group and different levels of permissions for its owner, group and anyone else.

Efesto uses numbers from 0 to 3, instead of 0 to 7:

  • 0: no permission
  • 1: read
  • 2: edit
  • 3: delete

When an item is created, the user sending the request will be the owner and the user's group will be the group of the item.

Default permissions for new items are set to 300, equivalent to a UNIX 700.


Collections endpoint support POST and GET requests.


Get supports a number of parameters to filter, sort and embed items:

  • _embeds: embeds types that have foreign keys to the requested type. Use commas to separate more types.
  • _order: the field and direction for items' order. For example _order=-id or _order=owner_id
  • page and items for paginations.
  • filters on fields, for example: field=value. Supports field=!value, field=>value, field=<value, field=~va, field=[1, 2]


Supports GET, PATCH and DELETE requests.

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